If you hadn’t figured it out already, the first thing we’ll tell you about 24 Diner is that it’s open all hours of the day and night. The restaurant offers comfort food, but in an atmosphere that’s much more elegant and upscale than your typical diner. While it’s not too fancy by any means, it is missing the usual fluorescent diner lights, jukebox, and other standard diner stuff. Instead, despite the 50s-decade inspiration, you’ll find a much more modern atmosphere here in both the food and the décor.

Gluten-Free Goodness

We’ll start by saying that there’s a gluten-free menu here, which is great for those who are watching their wheat. Off of the gluten-free menu, here are our favorite in each category: Breakfast – opt for the hash, which features nitrate free, all natural pork, natural beef, house-made sausage, Burbank potatoes, onions and jalapenos, and two runny eggs. Lunch – the bacon Gorgonzola bun-less burger, which is so mouthwatering and delicious that you’ll be thrilled by your choice. Dinner – for this meal, we say why not go all out and order the rib eye. For $23.95, it’s a fairly reasonably priced steak, and is served with whipped potatoes, scallion butter, and an array of veggies.

Diet What?

If you’re not on a special diet, then you’ll love the regular menu here. The waffle breakfast is to die for, the seasonal eggs benedict is one of the best benedicts in Austin, and the frittatas are fluffy, yummy, and oh-so-good. For lunch, 24 Diner offers one of the best Cuban sandwiches around, and the pork belly sandwich is a unique and healthier options. Other favorite dishes here include the blackened tuna sandwich, the chicken dumplings, and the no-bean chili.

A Full Bar

When was the last time you went to a diner that featured a full bar? Here, you’ll find everything from champagne and wine to beer and cocktails. And, more than that, the wine list has even been curated by a sommelier! Plus, there are a bunch of craft beers here for lovers of the brew.

Milkshakes How You Like

24 Diner features some of the most interesting milkshakes flavors in the state, and we think you’d regret it if you didn’t try one. The maple milkshake is probably the top favorite, although the coconut cream and peanut butter and chocolate milkshakes are close seconds. Of course, you can always create your own shake by combining flavors of choice.

Go Anytime, for Anything

Like we said before, this place is open 24/7, and is usually packed with the late night crowd around 2 AM. That being said, regardless of the time of the day, you can order breakfast anytime the feeling strikes. Or, if you’re not feeling hungry, we recommend settling for one of the restaurant’s cups of coffee. Our favorite is the chai latte, which is pretty amazing considering it’s coming from a diner. The Toddy, or cold-brew iced coffee, is also a great choice on a summer’s day.