Delicious Mix of Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese

If you are hankering for something truly authentic, mixing Vietnamese with Thai and Chinese culinary influence, look no further than 888 Pan Asian Restaurant. Serving up delicious curries, heartwarming Pho, tantalizing Pad Thai, and Orange Chicken; there is something to fulfill any craving. Known for serving up the best Vietnamese cuisine in South Austin, this small operation has become a popular favorite amongst locals who want something of true quality.

Fill Up For Less

Even though this restaurant has been renowned for its amazingly delicious menu offerings, the prices have remained relatively low. With the average entrée priced below $7-8, anyone can afford to pop in and experience the remarkable tastes of Vietnam. The Pho is under $7, and 98% of the menu options are under $9. There are a couple of menu options priced at around $11 or $12, which are quality fresh fish dishes. Even the steaks do not exceed $10.

Daily Specials

Customers rave that the specials are never a disappointment, rather, very true to their name. When something is listed as a special, it is truly an experience to be tasted. There are a plethora of lunch specials which are priced under $8, as well as daily specials which change according to the season and availability of ingredients.

Quality Buffet

888 offers an amazing lunch buffet for $7.95 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This is a great way to try a variety of menu offerings at a price that is sure to please the most frugal of diners.

Late Night Eats for Late Night Cravings

888 understands that not everyone works a typical 9-5 work day. Due to this, they cater to those who want to grab something of quality after most restaurants have closed for the night and sent their employees home. Every night of the week (with the exception of Sunday) you can expect to find 888 open until 2 AM. On Sundays they close their doors at 11:30 PM, which is still fairly late, considering it is Sunday.

No Need to BYOB

While many places of this caliber do not serve alcohol, but operate under a BYOB policy, 888 has eliminated the hassle. They offer alcohol options so that their guests may come in and relax while tasting their mouth-watering entrees with a nice cold beer, or a glass of wine. There is simply no hard liquor served, as there isn’t a bar — rather, a casual sit down ambiance.

Fabulous Service and More

Many customers rave about the friendly service they receive when entering the doors of 888. With its modest location amongst a strip mall, they have transformed the ambiance into that of a cozy bistro. To accommodate for the smaller setting, the servers go above and beyond in ensuring that tables are cleaned and managed throughout the course of one’s dining experience, and that guests leave happy, whether they entered in that state or not. Not feeling like being waited on? That is not a problem, as 888 offers carryout. There is also an outdoor patio, which is very inviting and perfect for a warm Texas day.