Austin is famous for its wide array of ethnic restaurants. However, the majority of ethnic eats in this city tend to be confined to Indian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and the like. For a unique food experience that’s hard to come by in Austin, try something different, like the fare at DFG noodles.

What is DFG Noodles?

DFG Noodles is a food truck in downtown Austin that serves up amazing Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine. The food is fabulous, and an awesome break from the usual hotdog or lunch taco stand. The truck is new to Austin, and is quickly gaining popularity.

What do They Serve?

DFG Noodles has some amazing options for those who like ethnic food. One favorite is the malay, which is creamy coconut curry served over jasmine rice and then a choice of meat, eggs, or veggies. You can also add some bread, known as roti, for an extra dollar. A large portion is $8.50. Another delicious option is the the DFG taco appetizer, which is more like a sandwich than a taco. This menu items has your choice of protein, tofu, or veggies, teriyaki sauce, coconut curry, and sambal chili also wrapped in a flaky roti roll. Yum!

For Vegetarians and Pescetarians

If you only eat veggies, fish, and eggs (no red meat or chicken for you), then you’ll be pretty happy about the fact that nearly everything here can be ordered to your dietary requirement of choice. The the emperor, which is a great fish option that has rice noodles, flavor-soaked tofu, egg, spicy creamy coconut and shrimp base curry soup. However, if you want this, the food truck requires 24 hour notice to prepare it–which means it’s extra good. Other great options for non-meat eaters are Indo salad with lemongrass peanut sauce, cabbage, green beans, corn, and fried shallots; the firecracker, or medium shrimp pieces that are stir fried with onions, an amazing buttery and sweet and spicy sauce, and then served over jasmine rice; and the malay (mentioned above) sans meat.

Where You’ll Find DFG

Like food trucks do, DFG moves around downtown Austin, and you have to know where they’re going to be if you want to catch them for dinner. They’re closed on Mondays, and rotate between locations during the week. You can check out their schedule here. 

A Focus on Catering

While DFG Noodles is a food truck, one of their main focuses is on catering, and they’re more well known for their catering efforts than their street vending ones. If you don’t have time to find the food truck, they’re happy to deliver. Or, if you need food for a group of people for a business lunch, birthday part, or even a wedding, DFG noodles can help. Plus, for catering, they’re happy to customize the menu for you and can travel to where you need them.