Location: 2314 Rutland Dr
Ste 100, Austin, TX 78758
Tap Room Hours: Wednesday to Friday 5 to 10 pm / Saturday 1 to 10 pm / Sunday 1 – 7 pm
Tour Schedule:  Friday 6 and 7 pm / Saturday 2 and 3 pm

You don’t have to go Belgium to taste their legendary beers. Just take a ride down Rutland Drive and checkout  Adelbert’s Brewery. Make your way through the warehouse district, keeping an eye out for some little white lights and several picnic tables outsid

Walking inside Adelbert’s unassuming building, your eyes will be drinking in a beautiful spacious area filled with stacks upon stacks of barrels, an orgy of local art pieces hanging on the wall, and other merchandise for sale.

Adelbert's Brewery


Insider Tip

When in Adelbert’s, try a flight of their delicious beer for only $13, which is a not too shabby a deal. For that amount you get a tasting of 6 beers of your choice, a wristband, and you get to keep your glass too. You also get a free tour if you come in at the right time.Come in during a Friday (6-7pm) and a Saturday (2 – 3 pm) to enjoy the free tour. If they have people available, a tour can be announced anytime during Wednesdays and Thursdays. Bring your souvenir glass with you on your next visit and get $2 off.

Dogs are allowed in the picnic table area outside. The tasting room is fully-air conditioned  and has a heater during the winter. Bring your buddies along and play darts, ping pong, and foosball. Adelbert’s has more of family vibe going and the little kiddos are always welcome too.

As far as events go, Adelbert’s showcases musical performances across all genres – from rock to hip hop, blues to country, R&B to classical music. You can also get your fill of Adelbert’s amazing beers while laughing your brains out watching guest stand up comedians. And yes, that’s a gorgeous harp player who has performed at the brewery several times.


The Beers of Adelbert’s

The Naked Nun
This multi-award winning wit ale has that balanced whiff of citrus notes,apple, and clove. Soft and refreshing, a fews sips reveal an expertly blended hint of coriander and and bitter orange peel, The Naked Nun has that right dry and clean finish. Pair it up with lighter food such as salmon, mussels, and chicken.

Another award-winner in our midst here. The Philosophizer is a smooth Saison ale with a citrusy taste accompanied by yeasty notes and a lingering taste of peppery spice. It’s mildly carbonated and has that nice and dry finish. Match the Philosophizer with meaty fish dishes, grilled chicken, and cheese foods such as brie and camembert. Open a bottle of Philosophizer and you might just find yourself jonesing for an intellectual discourse.

Scratchin’ Hippo
It’s hard to find an Adelbert’s brew that is yet to receive an award or recognition in some form or another. Scratchin’ Hippo is a Bière de Garde made in the traditional and rustic farmhouse ale style brewing. It has a malt-driven taste that brings out toasted caramel notes, caramel malts, and cocoa backed with mildly sweet finish. Highly recommended to pair up with barbeque and steak.

Adelbert's Brewery3

Black Rhino
This dark ale once bagged the gold in the 2013 Craft Beer Awards. It’s an earthly ale with delicious hints of cocoa and coffee. Pop open the bottle for some surprisingly smooth and easy drinking. Best paired with salty starters, nice and musky cheeses and wild game recipes.

Tripel B
Here’s another overachiever from the house of Adelbert’s. It has won 5 awards since 2013 and hasn’t looked back ever since. Rich pear and clove aromas, perfect union of fruity and spicy flavors, and a classy malt profile all make the Triple B one of Adelbert’s fast movers.Perfect for washing down roasts, steaks, cheese cake and earthly cheese.

Oaked Tripel B
This Tripel Ale came out as a limited (won’t be back until late 2016) release. Aged with oak spiral for a good number of weeks, Oaked Tripel B is a wonderful blend of sweet oak character and notes of vanilla and the spicy tinge of Tripel B. Grab a bottle and some rich soups, creamy desserts, or hearty meats.

Dancin’ Monks
This Dubbel ale was named after Colombian Monks partying the night away with a few bottles of ale. Dancin’ Monks is a crisp, malty ale with a strong taste and plum, fruity aromas. Paired with mouth-watering foods like barbecue, grilled meats, rich stews, and dark chocolates, you’d sure be dancing and smiling like them high-spirited monks!

Flyin’ Monks
First they were dancing, now after achieving a higher level of enlightenment (or alcoholic content), there’s no stopping these monks from breaking away from their earthly bonds! Or you can just enjoy this Quadrupel ale brewed on oak cubes the Spirit of Texas Distillers uses to age their famous Pecan Street Rum. Flyin’ Monks will give you a taste of complex sweet oak and hints of rum flavor complimented with a nice, warm alcoholic finish. Great for washing down bold cheeses and dark chocolate.

Travellin’ Man
A deep golden ale possessed by floral aromas and fruity notes. A single sip will titillate your taste buds with a nice warm blend of soft biscuity malts and complemented by a clean, yet complex finish. This unique Belgian IPA was meant for easy drinking that will definitely have you reaching for another bottle.

A party of fruity, spicy notes inherent in Belgian ales squared with the body and mouthfeel of sparkling wine crashing the gates. Green apples and grape notes come into play, with each chug ending with crispy, bone dry finish. Fresh oysters, goat cheese, or crabs cakes make a formidable team with Sundowner.

Adekbert's Brewery2

Adelbert’s has ale aged in wine barrels, rum barrels, whiskey barrels, and gin barrels. Check out their recent releases below:

Vintage Nun
This year’s release is a mix of Adelbert’s wit aged for 2 years in oak barrels for red wine

Barrel Of Love 2015 release
Belgian-style quad fermented in whiskey barrels coming from Treaty Oak Distillery. It will start you off with an exciting fruity nose and a wonderful blend of warming rum, buttery oak, and soft coconut. Excellent with coconut shrimp, green curry chicken, and cream puffs.

Contemplating Waterloo
Saison aged in gin barrel. Grab a chicken alfredo, strawberry cheesecake, or veal scallopini and lovingly wash it down with a Contemplating Waterloo.

Barrel Aged Naked Nun
Wit ale masterfully aged in red wine barrels for a whole year. This absolutely refreshing ale is a heavenly blend of oak, orange peel, and red wine notes. Best paired with herbed or salty cheeses, fruit, and smoked meats.