A posh, late-night hookah lounge where you can sip on fruit smoothies or coffee while holding a giant water pipe is something you don’t regularly experience during a normal night of bar hopping. And, unlike a night of bar-hopping for some, there’s no hiding in a back alley to smoke at Arab Cowboy – the smoking of their communal pipes is 100% legal.

Arab Cowboy’s shisha flavors – lemon, strawberry, watermelon, and beyond – will educate even the most naive smokers about how much is actually available for the hookah. It might be overwhelming if you’re new, but you’re guaranteed to be surrounded by some experienced people who regularly smoke there, and will have the assistance of simple pricing and staff who like to talk about their stuff.

Arab Cowboy is a luminous, welcoming place made for sharing and conversation. Because it’s not actually a bar, it’s open even later on some nights than the regular bars, and is something totally different, but just as social. They don’t serve alcohol but welcome beer and wine for a very nominal corking fee.

No matter what the “flavor of the day,” make time to slow down and share a pot of tea or a bottle of wine over a loaded hookah in the West Campus Arab Cowboy.