Aster’s Ethiopian Restaurant has been in Austin since 1991, and continues to be a local favorite for the people that live in this city. The restaurant is family owned, and creates traditional Ethiopian food from the continent of Africa. If you want to experience authentic Ethiopian cuisine, want to try something new, or are seasoned in Ethiopian food and are looking for a new and great place, Aster’s has it all.

Something for Everyone

Aster’s Ethiopian offers cuisine for every type of diet, ranging from vegans to vegetarians to strict meat-eaters. With lots of meat and veggie dishes to choose from, everyone will be happy at Aster’s. The restaurant also offers many gluten-free options for those who are watching their wheat intake. If you’re a vegetarian, a favorite vegetarian-friendly dish is the fasolia wott, which is a combination of potato, green beans, carrots, onions, tomatoes, garlic, cinnamon, and ginger sauce.

Melt-in-Your-Mouth Meat Dishes

If you’re not a vegetarian and love the idea of eating as much meat as you can get your hands on (quite literally, as Ethiopian food is consumed sans silverware), then you have to try the doro wott. The doro wott is Ethiopia’s national dish, and consists of spicy chicken that’s simmered in Berbere sauce and traditional spices from Ethiopia herself. Finally, the dish is completed with a serving of hard boiled eggs.

If you don’t like spicy food, there are a lot of other great meat dish options on the menu. The alicha menchet abesh features ground beef that’s simmered with turmeric sauce, garlic, white pepper, and seasonings. Or, try the kitfo, which is steak tartar Ethiopian style.

Injera Essential

Injera is a type of bread that’s served with Ethiopian cuisine, and closely resembles pita bread or naan bread. The injera at Aster’s is remarkable, and is always served fresh and warm. The injera isn’t just tasty, but it’s essential for eating, as it acts as a fork or a spoon to shovel food into your mouth.

Don’t be Fooled by Appearances

Aster’s might not look like much from the outside. The tiny blue building could even be characterized as shabby, or rundown, and might turn you off on first glance. However, as the old adage goes, never judge a book by its cover. The second you step inside of Aster’s, you’ll be overcome by the feeling of hospitality, the myriad of smells that will make you salivate, and the cute and homey atmosphere.

Great for Groups

Typically, Ethiopian food is meant to be shared. As such, ordering a bunch of dishes and sampling a bit of everything is advised, which is why Aster’s is great for groups. If you have kids, they’ll love it here, and Aster’s will make sure to create dishes that are okay for a kid’s tastebuds. Or, if you have a group of friends that love exploring new food options, bring them here for a meal that’s fun and delicious.