Location: 3009 Industrial Ter, Ste 150, Austin, TX 78758
Tap room hours: Thursdays, 5-9pm / Fridays, 5-11pm / Saturdays and Sundays, 1-7pm

What is seven feet long and can keep the party going? Nope, not an albino python. It’s the 99 beer pack from Austin Beerworks! It packs 99 12-ounce cans of their best-selling Peacemaker Ale. The 99 beer pack is perfect for weekend parties, or for doomsday preppers building up their beer cache for the apocalypse.

Austin Beerworks is relatively new, and has been brewing and serving quality beers since 2011. Enjoy a pint glass (and bring it home) with 3 pours for $10 in the middle of their brewery or you can just hang out with your buds at the picnic tables outside.

You can take your kids with you, and though pets are allowed you have to leave them outside. Be forewarned, the place can get pretty crowded, even outdoors. Food trucks visit the place on rotation to serve delicious food to complement the equally-mesmerizing beers flowing from the tap.

Austin Beerworks1

You’ll be happy to know that you can only get their beers either from their tap, or in eco-friendly aluminum cans. Why? Better tasting beer comes from beer kegs and their cans are exactly that, but smaller and a lot prettier. They believe beer stays fresher, longer in cans; gets cold faster tasting a helluva lot better. And oh yeah, it’s also Austin Beerworks doing their part for the environment. Aluminum cans are more environment-friendly that beer bottles so kudos to that.



Events at Austin Breweries aside from the regular beer tasting, are far and in between, but when they have one, it’s something worthwhile. Case in point, they held a fundraiser in October, 2015 that benefitted a local non-profit organization that aids underserved Austin youths develop confidence, leadership skills, and character. Austin Breweries donated the day’s profit to the cause.


The Brew

Austin Beerworks3

Austin Beerworks currently has what they call “Core Four” beers offered all year round. Like a good brisket that takes a while to brew, it’s all worth the wait. There’s a can for any situation, and each one is clean and crisp version of the style, the Austin Beerworks way. Each craft beer is brewed in such a way that down more that one can in a single session. Every sip is consistently clean and bold taste to the very last drop

Fire Eagle
Austin Beerworks’ American IPA offering, Fire Eagle majestically grabs you with its powerful talons and takes you on an exhilarating ride through hoppy clouds. And just when you think the ride is over, it swoops you back to terra firma, then lovingly sits you back on your stool. Lenny from the Flaming Moe episode of The Simpson couldn’t have described it any better – “there’s a party inside my mouth and everyone’s invited!”

Black Thunder
Austin Beerworks’ version of schwarz beer pours dark brown but has a ruby red color when held up against the light. A brown colored head (about half an inch) forms and lingers, along with a clean, malty aroma that hints sweet caramel, toasted nuts, and roasted coffee notes. The malts carry on and makes up most of the flavor. The yeast is amazingly clean and provides the Black Thunder a slight breadiness and hints of fruitiness here and there. Expect a creamy finish with some hop bitterness and roast that sits well on the palate.

Austin Beerworks4

Peacemaker Extra Strong Ale
Austin Beerworks’ blonde ale offering, Peacemaker pours with a light golden color and a white creamy head that sits comfortably for a moment. It has  a faint, homey aroma of wheat and grains. Enjoy its light hop flavor right off the gates then gracefully transitions to a smooth grain bill. It’s a clean tasting ale with an average carbonation and light alcohol content – going to do just great outdoors with barbeques or spending a lazy Sunday morning by the river.

Pearl Snap Pils
It’s a German style pilsner with a sparkling, golden yellow pour and head as white as snow that leaves a slight film of lacing when it dissipates. It has that slightly honeyed grains concealing a right amount of hoppiness. Pearl Snap’s thick maltiness is Graham cracker-like and has that hint of flowery and zesty noble hops.

Take a few cans of Pearl Snaps in a hot dry weather and you’ll find the bitterness is just right, and works wonders in the thirst-quenching department.


A refreshing additionto their Core Four beers, Austin Beerworks prepares a healthy rotation of craft beers that can be enjoyed at their taproom. The Austin Beerworks folks love bringing them back time and again while experimenting on more brews to serve to their ever-growing customer base.

Heavy Machinery IPA
A mainstay in Austin Beerwork’s seasonal rotation, the initial offering wa a Black IPA, which went strictly to bar accounts only.
It pours a dark brown-to-black color with citrusy, and piney hop aromas.  Expect your taste buds to tingle with some caramel flavors and toasted malt followed by a nice smooth bitterness.

The Heavy Machinery IPA is dry-hopped using Falconer’s Flight and Simcoe hops, fermented with top American Ale Yeast.

Austin Beerworks5

Heavy Machinery English IPA
It is a medium-bodied, English IPA with notes of fruity ale yeast and earthy hops. It has that clean dry finish accompanied by a high hop bitter taste. Hops: English East Kent Golding and Fuggle Hops Malts…

Belgian IPA
Staying true to its Belgian heritage, this delicious IPA rings with notes of tropical fruit, citrus, and some helpings of spicy Belgian yeast. It is medium-bodied and finishes dry followed up Dry finish with  tangy, high hop bitterness.

Wet Hop IPA
This is Austin Beerworks’ IPA made with farm-fresh ‘wet’ centennial hops.Check out the lingering notes of citrusy, grassy and herbal hops. This came out as a limited release back in September 2013.

Half IPA
Brewed  American Pale Ale style, it pours a glittery gold cold topped with a deliciously frothy white head. You’ll love its lingering aromas of  tropical fruit, citrus and floral hops.It has a medium light body highlighted with vibrant colors of mango, passion fruit, and citrus.

Heisenberg Kristalweizen
Not sure if this has anything to do with our favorite anti-hero of all time, but this is heavily inspired by filtered Kristalweizen or German Wheat Beer.  This pours a pristine, clear yellow-color orange crowned with a creamy white head. You’ll surely like mild spice aroma and the fruity taste of banana. It has a clean and clear finish complemented by a considerably low hop bitterness.