Barbarella offers both the beats and the scene for an unforgettable night of dance party fun. There is a little something different to dance to every night –  80’s nights on Fridays, New Noise nights (indie) on Saturdays, Grits & Gravy (soul, funk, rock) on Thursdays, and TuezGayz (“indie/homo/electro”) on, well, Tuesdays.

One of Austin’s “Best Of” dance clubs, Barbarella’s multi-level space provides a space for everyone to get their groove on – there are several dance floors located throughout the space and a back patio outside the club to just chill. If you are more of an observer-type, or need a break from the dance floor, there are several bars that you can escape to and order a drink.

The interior of the club is defined by mirrored walls, colorful disco ball vibrations, and smoky lighting, all feeding the energy on the dance floor – creating a dancing animal all its own. And the  retro music videos playing on screens above the main dance floor keep it interesting. No matter what kind of music you like, there’s probably a night at Barbarella with music that will entice you to move to the very last second when the lights come on and you get the boot.