Barton Creek is just one of those places that is beautiful and unique year round. How anyone can say they don’t like it is a mystery indeed. It is simply such a wonder of nature’s beauty, and there is so much to do.

The mountain biking at Barton Creek is excellent. There are some easy straightaway paths, and some crushing rock piles and climbs. Beginners and experts will have fun. To some, though, it’s way more fun to jog along the bike paths. You can cover just about every single inch of trail, from the big main trails to the tiniest little game trails, on foot or on a cycle.

Then there is the water. The wonderful water that is cool year round and perfect for tubing.

Lastly, there are the beautiful Twin Falls and Upper Falls, both which have perfect swimming when it has recently rained. Again the water is just plain wonderful. The beauty there is unique and beyond mere words or photographs, like at night when the fireflies light up the sky. You have to see it to appreciate it.

Overall, Barton Creek is just a perfect way to spend perfect a day, regardless of if you jog, bike, swim, hike, or just pick a place to sit and enjoy being alive.