Ready to Serve, 24 Hours a Day

The centrally located Bennu Coffee is one of a very few Austin coffee shops that is open 24 hours of the day, and because of that it serves an ever-flowing population of students, professionals, families, and the self-employed. People come to Bennu to enjoy a conversation, but it also serves as a place to get some serious work done.

Everything a Coffee Shop Could Offer

Bennu is cherished in the Austin community for everything that makes a coffee shop great: a lovely atmosphere and artsy decor, lots of seating options, quality coffee and music, and baristas that aim to please. The only problem is how popular it is. Luckily the seating spills out onto a patio for you to enjoy on nicer days.

Mocha, Coffee, and More Mocha

One of the options for a delightful, and caffeinated, treat to sip on at Bennu is something from their specialty Gourmet Mocha menu. Every item is a take on a traditional mocha coffee beverage, and each one named after a classic novel. Pair your liking for F. Scott Fitzgerald with a “Great Gatsby,” a mocha with white and dark chocolate sauces. Or for something a little darker, try “The Raven,” dark chocolate on top of dark chocolate, perfect for remembering Edgar Allan Poe.

Other Treats to Get You Through a Busy Day

That’s not all there is though: drip coffee, shots of espresso, yerba mate…you name it. Bennu offers a selection of baked goods, as well as breakfast tacos and other lunch items. You really can’t find a coffee shop with more to offer than Bennu Coffee.