Blazer Tag Adventure Center has three different kinds of high energy fun for people of all ages!

First, there is Laser Tag, which is a high-tech version of hide-and-go-seek meets tag. Blazer Tag’s laser arena is actually the largest one in Texas. It has and has 3 separate stories of ramps and towers for the ultimate laser-fueled adrenaline rush. Guest play by wearing a light-weight sensor vest and carrying a futuristic “phaser” to tag their opponents with a visible (thanks to the atmosphere of the arena) but harmless laser beam. Tagging  scores points. At the end of each game, each guest gets their own computer-generated scorecard showing their score, shot-to-hit ratio, and overall rank.

Blazer Tag also features the Austin SkyTrail, an elevated rope course high up in the air. The course is positioned 20 feet above the arcade and includes over seven different obstacle course elements. Each one is designed to challenge even the bravest guests who just want that adrenaline rush. Austin SkyTrail is very affordable at $8.50 per turn on the course.

For those who love digital entertainment, Blazer Tag has an arcade with over 60 different high-intensity games. Whether it be classics like Galaga or Pac Man, new games like Guitar Hero,  Time Crisis, or DDR, there is something for everyone! Furthermore, guests can collect game tickets from certain interactive redemption games. Those tickets can be redeemed for different fun prizes.