Carousel Lounge is a concept bar that has been around for a long time. Called Carousel Lounge because of the Circus decor, it’s is unlike anything else in Austin. Some people find it charming, others creepy, but everyone agrees that Carousel Lounge is one of a kind. Located just north of downtown, it’s become a fixture. The patrons of Carousel Lounge vary greatly, giving the whole bar the “Keep Austin Weird” vibe. You might a cowboy arm-in-arm with his lady, you might meet someone old enough to be a grandparent, or you might meet a group of ravers in between parties. That’s part of the magic of the Carousel Lounge. Much like it’s namesake, everything is varied.

There’s also lots of live music, just about every night. Carousel Lounge also has one of the few honest-to-goodness old-school dance floors left in Austin.

If you live in Austin, have ever lived in Austin, or are even just visiting, you need to check Carousel Lounge out. It’s Austin, and Carousel Lounge is as Austin as it gets.