Casa de Luz is a educational, non-profit community center that offers both yoga and health awareness classes. There is an all-organic vegetarian cafe on-site that serves both vegan and gluten-free vegetarian cuisine.

For $7 or $12 (depending on when you go), you get either a hot or a cold tea, a side salad, a cup of soup, and heaping, healthy plateful of delicious food. The service is cafeteria style. The ambiance of both the cafe and the rest of the grounds is extremely relaxing. People come just to take picture of the grounds. Most diners are very friendly. You can sit with others community style at the large tables and converse about whatever you want. Everyone is always in a great mood.

The main course plate always includes beans, rice, greens, and something that’s been pickled. The various sauces are positively superb. This is not soul food or comfort food. This food is balanced and nourishing, healthy and consistent. It’s what your body actually needs, not what you think you need due to salt and MSG. It’s a very simple formula for good health. Once your body gets used to it (not long, usually a few weeks) you will wonder why there are not even more places like Casa de Luz.