A night at the grassroots ColdTowne Theater is sort of like spending the night at a primitive campground, as opposed to staying in a nice hotel. You might have to work for your dinner, or you may be sharing your space with one too many people, but there are great reasons to venture out into the wilderness in that style, right? Like, you will spend less money, and will usually be engaged, challenged, wowed, and humbled by the experience.

ColdTowne Theater has events every single night of the week, and speaking of camping, it also offers regular improv Thursday Night Camp Inns, as well as Thank God It’s Saturday improv, and Schtick! stand-up nights.  ColdTown offers a consistent calendar with shows every single night of the week, and 2-3 shows per night. The place is a cornucopia of comedy, and proud to be a venue for it in every style. You can even see stand-up and improv in one night at ColdTowne Theater.

Just like at the campground you will want to bring your own beer or wine, and tools you need for opening them because ColdTowne is BYOB. ColdTowne Theater may be obscure, but it’s definitely something to experience; pay that park ranger your nominal entrance fee and be confident in the fact that good things definitely come in small packages.