If you love dessert, namely chocolate, look no further than Edis’ Chocolates located on Spicewood Springs Road in Austin. The chocolatier is the favorite locale of those with a sweet tooth throughout the city, and if you’ve been in search of something rich and mouthwatering, Edis’ is the place to go.

Truffles Galore

Edis’ Chocolates’ main specialty are its truffles, which are so luxurious and smooth that you’ll hardly be able to stop yourself from having just one. Which is perfectly fine, because the truffles can be purchases in half dozen, dozen, two dozen, four piece, and two-piece boxes. And, don’t think that the truffles are limited to just chocolate in flavor; rather, the truffles are available in Grand Mariner, Chambord, scotch, dark espresso, spiced Mexican vanilla, crystalized ginger, earl grey, blackberry, strawberry, hazelnut, amaretto, raw coconut, double chocolate, pistachio cardamom, and cyprus sea salt. The center of the truffles is made using Belgian dark chocolate ganache, and is also hand-dipped in European dark chocolate. The truffles make the perfect gift for a party favor, or a little treat for yourself. Or, Edis’ also makes parchment flowers, which is essentially a parchment flower where a truffle serves as the center–they’re perfect for wedding showers or bridal parties.

Pastries, Cakes, and Coffee, too

While Edis’ may specialize in chocolate truffles, they also offer a plethora of other baked goods, like pastries and cakes, as well as coffee. While the majority of these baked goods are made with chocolate too–like the smooth chocolate mousse or the decadent chocolate torte–they also have some non-chocolate items available, such as their delicious lemon bars, which are a popular favorite. The pecan bars are also top-notch.

Gluten-free Wonders

If you eat gluten-free, you know how hard it is to find gluten-free desserts that are just as good as their gluten-filled counterparts. However, at Edis’, you won’t be disappointed by the amazing selection of scrumptious gluten-free desserts. The chocolate flour-less cake, for example, will completely blow your gluten-free world. Also, if you’re looking for a dessert place that uses natural ingredients, Edis’ uses real cream, real butter, and no preservatives. Amazing!

Take it to-go, or Sit for Awhile

Edis’ is mainly a takeaway chocolate place, but there are a couple outdoor tables for those who ¬†want to order a cup of coffee and sit outside while they eat their chocolate. If you’re taking the chocolate to-go instead, the staff is super helpful and concerned about making sure your chocolate experience is top-notch, and on hot days will provide you with ice to keep the chocolate from melting on the drive home.

Catering and Special Orders

For your next birthday party, office meeting, or fancy get-together, mix up your usual cookie-tray and opt for Edis’ Chocolates instead. Everyone will be amazed by the high quality flavor, and the truffles, cookies, and cakes are bound to go over well with everyone, adults and children alike.