A Leader in Fusion Style Food

Lovers of French and Vietnamese in Austin will surely appreciate the modern techniques and epicurean ingredients that the fusion restaurant Elizabeth Street Cafe serve up every day.  Drop by in the morning for freshly baked croissants and pastries accompanied by delicious Vietnamese coffee and steeping-room teas.  Lunch and dinner hours lean heavily on classic cultural dishes like Bánh mì and, of course, phở.  This leader in fusion style food is inspired the the colonial cafés of Hanoi, relics of the French rule in Vietnam and its continued influence.

For Coffee and Tea Lovers Alike

If you are coming in just for an afternoon drink, this café has numerous options for coffee and tea lovers alike.  You’ll find both Vietnamese and French coffees alongside the must have options of americano, espresso, mocha, cappuccino, and latte.  There’s also a large list of teas to choose from, featuring greens, whites, blacks, and oolong teas from a variety of countries that are available in small and large pots.

Reasonable Selection of Alcohols

There’s not an overwhelming number of options in the alcoholic beverages department, but even so you’ll be able to find something on the list if you’re keen.  There’s some Asian beers, IPA, ale, and lager or you can try the Tears of Dawn sake from one of the smallest breweries in Japan.

Antique Style Trendy

The café emits a trendy ambiance, though its decor is clearly based on the colonial precedent, with a bold and elegantly decorated interior featuring vibrantly colorful accents as well as a landscaped outdoor seating area that’s more than a hundred years old.  In the inside you’ll find both Vietnamese and French antiques that help complete the atmosphere.  If you choose to sit outside, underneath the oak trees enveloping the patio, it can be quite romantic.

Plentiful Vegetarian Options

Like many Asian restaurants there’re plenty of meat free options for those with vegetarians persuasions that can be readily made.  There’s several dishes that use tofu and plenty of vegetables to choose from.  Some of the most appealing options the mushroom tofu bun, pho chay, and the banh mi with griddled lemograss tofu and there’s also options on the appetizer menu.

Family Friendly and a Kids’ Menu

It’s sometimes hard to find places that the whole family can enjoy, but the atmosphere at this café is kid friendly with a sophisticated enough kids’ menu that even picky eaters will find themselves expanding their palette. You may even find yourself pursuing the menu and wondering if you shouldn’t order the coconut fried chicken nuggets or the banh mi made with peanut butter and nutella.

Great Staff

The service here can be expected to be prompt and professional.  If you have any questions about any dishes on the menu, the waiters have all the answers.  Even during busy times the service keeps up the pace and will get your order to you in a quick and friendly manner.

A Bit Pricey

If you aren’t making very careful selections, your check may be a bit more than you bargain for.  The prices definitely don’t fall under the cheap eats category.  While ordering the banh mi sandwiches or even pho won’t hurt too much, once you work your way into the the specialties section of the menu there’s no paying less than thirty dollars if you also want a drink and dessert.

Don’t Miss Dessert

This is one of the places that comes up when you search for desserts in Austin. And we know why:  you may not be able to stop yourself when you see how pretty all those French pastries are.