Elysium is the industrial/goth/steampunk oasis in downtown Austin where you can express your inner dark side through black leather and chains or just straight up dance styles. Elysium’s dance nights adhere to a slightly different theme every night, but all with a goth/industrial undertone.

Elysium is proud that it’s been “hosting Austin’s alternative nightlife since 2001” in its dark, steamy, and electric bar and dance club. Witchhouse, experimental, dark dance, synth pop, and eurodance are only some of what you will hear during a night at Elysium.

Elysium also frequently hosts events like Steampunk Balls and other costume-themed parties, and nights that are dedicated to an earlier era or a specific record label. It’s not the music you are going to hear at many of the dance clubs in Austin and Elysium gives you plenty of space to experience it with a full body and dark mind, and caged if you so prefer.