Relatively new, Epicerie is a classy place without feeling too upscale or pompous.

The restaurant itself is nice and bright, with a clean and modern feeling. Being in a converted house, it just as a that cozy and intimate feeling to it. If there was one thing that you could complain about, it’s that you feel more like you’re entering someone’s home instead of a restaurant.

The menu is a bit on the smallish side, but that works to the Epicerie’s advantage. It’s a carefully crafted list of the freshest ingredients with the simplest of preparations. But it all tastes amazing. Even something as basic as the tomato soup is simple and wonderful. You know the kind of soup, it’s so good, you want to dip your sandwich into it? That’s the kind! And the grilled cheese is positively swoon-worthy.

It’s a cozy little place to get a good bite to eat. What more could you want?