Evangeline Cafe is a restaurant in Austin that serves up all of the traditional cajun-style grub. Set in a restaurant that feels more like a home than a dining establishment, this cafe is amazing for enjoying an authentic cajun meal in a relaxed and hometown environment. For a great cajun meal in Austin, Evangeline Cafe on Brodie Lane is the place you’re looking for.

Perfect Po-Boys

Po-boys are traditional sandwiches that originated in Louisiana. Typically, a Po-Boy is made from meat or fried seafood, and is served in a baguette. Po-Boys are delicious, especially when prepared correctly. At Evangeline Cafe, you’ll find a variety of Po-Boy options that are pleasing to every palate. Favorite Po-Boy sandwiches at this cafe include the ham and cheese Po-Boy, the fried crawfish Po-Boy, the roast beef Po-Boy, and the fried oyster Po-Boy. If you’re a vegetarian, you can also try the grilled veggie Po-Boy–while it’s not as traditional as the other sandwiches on the menu, it’s just as good!

Startin’ Off Right

Cajun food is hearty, filling, and meant to be indulged in, so no holding back when you visit Evangeline’s. Instead, we encourage you to order an appetizer or two, really putting yourself in the cajun spirit. Our favorite appetizers are the gator bites–which is real alligator that’s fried in bite-sized portions and served with spicy cajun aioli–or the hot wings, which are spicy and perfect with the blue cheese that’s served with them. If you’re feeling adventurous and cultural, try the frog legs, which are a southern favorite. The cup of gumbo is another great choice.

Making Some Music

To accompany your very traditional meal, what’s better than some great live Austin music? Every Monday through Friday, Evangeline Cafe hosts a myriad of different local bands. The bands play between 6:30 PM and 10 PM depending upon the day of the week, and provide lots of entertainment. If you’ve been looking for a fun and exciting place, this is it. The atmosphere here is very lively and upbeat, and if you’re feeling down, there’s no better place in Austin to go for a pick-me-up; you’ll have a hard time not smiling here. Plus, there’s a great outdoor patio for enjoying. This is also a great place to take a date as it’s fun and relaxed.

Keep in mind though that Evangeline’s does not have a full bar, and serves beer and wine only. As such, if you’re looking for a great place for nightlife with plenty of alcohol, this isn’t the place for you.

The Best of the Best

There are some really stand-out items at Evangeline Cafe, so this section is dedicated to the best of the best, or items that you absolutely must order. First off, the chicken fried steak is mouth water, and when topped with white cajun gravy, it’s hard to resist. For $12.99 for a large portion, and only $8.99 for a regular sized, this is easily a top menu item. Next on the list is the gold band creole, which is perfect for those that want a a traditional spicy dish. Finally, try the clam chowder. While it’s simple, it’s some of the best chowder in Austin. Oh, and don’t let us forget about dessert–the bread pudding is raved about here!