Burger Stand Experience

Two things make Flat Top Burger Shop a must visit place: the location and the mouth-watering, tummy satisfying burgers. You’ll find Flat Top Burger Shop in little hub of activity in one of Austin’s favorite neighborhoods for pedestrians, right in the center of the city. Because this little burger stand established itself inside of an old automotive garage, the people-watching and fresh air come naturally as you sit with one wall exposed via an old garage door.

The Basics for a Burger Just the Way You Like It

The menu offers a simple selection of cheeseburgers, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and sides. Every burger is full of flavor with a nice ring of crispiness around the edge, giving each bite a layered effect. And you can top your burger with the veggies you want, add some cheese, bacon, or spicy jalapeƱos, or even take out the bun altogether and get your burger wrapped in lettuce. Also, vegetarians need not fear for Flat Top offers a veggie burger too.

Simple Extras for a Perfect Meal

What else might you imagine to compliment such a savory burger? Hand-cut, homemade french fries, fresh-squeezed lemonade over ice, or some giant crispy onion rings? Done. Creamy milkshakes for dessert? Yes – in the standard fashion of strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate. Plan to visit Flat Top for lunch or dinner and walk to a local coffeehouse, theatre or market after.