A Downtown Coffeehouse Not to Miss

If you’re downtown in the Warehouse District you can’t miss Halcyon, which occupies a whole intersection and sits atop a hill of foundation. Because of the doors that flank both sides, there’s a sense of an open air café there, with an ever pleasant breeze flowing throughout. And to top it off Halcyon is artsy, eclectic, and right in the middle of it all.

Coffee, and Much More

At Halcyon, you can have a good ol’ cup of coffee, eat breakfast or lunch, and generally hang out among people reading, working, and just chilling out. It sounds like any given coffee shop, but Halcyon offers a little more. First, Halcyon stands above the rest in specialty items – Espresso Cocktails and “Tableside S’mores,” to be specific. These espresso cocktails include the likes of the Chocolate Espresso Martini and the Long Island Iced Coffee, which are decadent and quite alcoholic! And there aren’t too many other places where you get a personal roaster for making s’mores sandwiches like you can at Halcyon.

Food for the Soul at Halcyon

There’s plenty to eat at Halcyon – appetizers, paninis, and breakfast items are some of them. Halcyon also hosts local artwork and weekly music events like the World Music Jam, which is just what it sounds like – musicians from all over the planet congregate and jam out, creating something totally unique each time. Halcyon makes for a relaxing morning, afternoon, or evening, and is open late each day of the week.