Haymaker is a sandwich shop and bar that has taken it beyond the typically mayo on bread approach. Rather, Haymaker provides new American craft eats, combined with delicious brews and other alcohol beverages. New to the Austin food scene as of 2013, Haymaker has quickly become a favorite amongst locals in this city.

The Must-Eat Sandwiches

As Haymaker’s slogan goes, they specialize in “regionally inspired comfort sandwiches.” As such, we’re confident in telling you that they’re absolutely right: these craft sandwiches are as delicious and comforting as a sandwich should be. The must-eats here are definitely the Haymaker, which features rare roast beef topped with french fries, gruyere sauce, coleslaw, tomatoes, and egg; the Oregoner grilled cheese with oven-roasted turkey breast, applewood smoked ham, honey mustard, and sliced apples; and the Pecan Street Blues Burger, which is heaping with peppered bacon and blue cheese pecan sauce, mixed greens, and tomatoes served on top of a 1/3 lb. patty on top of Texas toast.

Soooooo Good Sides

The sides are almost just as amazing as the sandwiches here, and if you don’t order at least one, you’ll be missing out. Favorites are definitely the six-pack of sausage and cheddar cheese balls that are deep fried and served with white gravy, the mac & cheese (add bacon for extra $), the french fries topped with brown gravy and Wisconsin cheese, and the sweet potato waffle fries.

Drinks and Desserts

Okay, we’ll admit it: everything about this restaurant is fabulous, including the drinks and desserts. You must, must, must order the Flufflenuttle Cristo for your after-meal treat. This heavenly dessert is peanut butter and marshmallow fluff on white bread that’s then beer-battered, deep fried, and dusted with powdered sugar. For drinks, theres a full bar, but we love the frozen margaritas, craft beers, and the red sangria.

Daily Specials for Beverages

There are daily specials for drinks here, which keep Haymaker a popular favorite every day of the week. Sundays are the best, when all pitchers are $2 off, mimosas are offered for $2, and Bloody Marys, and red and white sangria are all offered for $3. Other days of the week are pretty awesome too, such as $2 off all tequila Thursdays, or $2 off all whiskeys on Wednesdays.

Modern Design

The whole establishment is designed in a very modern and neat way, providing a comfortable ambiance that’s great for relaxing. There’s also an outdoor patio that’s very nice, and since it’s dog friendly, you’re welcome to go here with your pooch.

Parking & Service

To sum it up, know that the parking here isn’t very great, and since it gets packed, you might have to walk a little bit in order to find a place. The only other complaint about Haymaker is that the service can be a little slow, but as it’s pretty much always full, we can hardly hold that against them. Otherwise, this bar-restaurant is super laid-back, clean, fun, and has great drink and food choices!