Location: 507 Calles, Austin, TX 78702
Tap Room Hours:: Monday to Sunday, 10AM to 10PM

Yep. If we didn’t know any better, it would be a safe bet to say this Austin brewing company is owned by no less than Leonardo DiCarpio himself. These guys donate 1% of their yearly earnings to various local environmental preservation initiatives. The beer cans they use are made of 100%, completely biodegradable aluminum. They also have Brew Biscuits – doggie treats made from spent brewing grains.


Insider Tip

There are board games if you and your friends are planning to stay longer. Oh, if you’ll be there between Thursday and Friday don’t forget to check out their amazing burgers and fries and other delicious treats from their food truck


The Brewery

The good vibe never ends at Hops and Grain. They offer 45-minute beer tours at the brewery, and get this – absolutely no charge! Tours of the brewery are offered Tuesday to Friday at 5pm. Visit on a Saturday and enjoy the free tours at 1 pm, 3 pm, and 5 pm.

If you’re lucky, you might even get a chance to taste special beer samples that you won’t see in their tap room just yet. They’re open all day of the week, from 10 in the morning, till 10 in the evening.

Hops and Grain1

Find Nirvana with Beer and Yoga

Get your yoga mats ready and bring your drinking bottle! Nothing beats the relaxing and calming effects of a good yoga session. Now cap it off with a few glasses and you’re all set.


The Beers

Hops and Grains’ Alt-eration is crafted employing old world techniques, high-grade German malts and hop varieties. It’s a basic blend of German Pilsner malt with generous portions of Vienna, Munich, and some de-bittered black malt.


Alt-eration’s classic maltiness and clean, crisp taste is brought on by a dynamic temperature mashing program. Das Alt masterfully mixed with Mt. Hood, Czech Saaz, and Hallertauer Hersbuker give it that right amount of earthly hop spice and bitterness we all love in classic German malt.

Best served with hearty meats like a nice barbeque or hot-off-the-oven German Brezlen, a tall glass of Alt-eration at 45° is a fine ecample of Altbiers. Those who have a had a taste of Alt-eration loved its maltiness, aroma, and hint of caramel after a few sips. Make sure to have this around on your upcoming river trip or backyard barbeque.

Hops and Grain
Pale Dog

A heavenly  base  of 2 Row malted barley of the highest quality brimming with malt character and topped off with a hoppy, dry, and crisp finish. A few sips will reveal a touch of caramel and vienna malts, adding a unique mouthfeel and character. A nice blend of cascade and nugget hops introduced throughout the boil ensures that dank pine and resinous flavor. The addition of kettle hops brings out that pleasant aroma and just the right level of bitterness.


Slightly traditional German lager brewing methods but dry hopped for that extra twist of complexiity. Based on vienna and and pale malts, Zoe’s light to golden brew is topped off with an immaculate layer of foam. Treat your senses to citrus and floral dry-hop aroma with each sip. It is simply one of the best pale lagers any Austin brewery can offer.

Porter Culture

A Baltic Porter starting off with a base of Munich malts and Pilsner layered with de-bittered black malt and chocolate wheat. The mixture brings out a distinct flavor of coffee, raisins, dark chocolate and a dint of roast. Porter Culture has that crisp bitterness at the end and with a neutral yeast profile that gives way to the malts take front and center.

Greenhouse IPA

This is their 3 bbl pilot system, where craft beer magic happens for the Hops and Grains peeps. Some of those creations are now sold today, while some are just so heavenly they have to keep it hush hush. Well, maybe if they could, but they’d rather share it to beer lovers like you and moi.

Called a Greenhouse, Hops & Grains would eventually have them available in the tap. Expect a slightly different with each release!

Hops and Grain2
A Pale Mosaic

Hops and Grain’s American style IPA using Mosaic, a relatively new hop variety. Beginning with a base of Vienna malts and German pale ale, it’s brewed for a crisp and light malt body. It’s bitter taste is derived from hops from Oregon, followed up with a some generous whirlpool action. Just a few sips would reveal notes of blueberries, pine resin, and grapefruit pith.