Location: 3913 Todd Lane, Ste 607. Austin , TX 78744
Taproom Hours: Thursdays, Fridays  4 – 10pm
Saturdays, 1 – 10pm / Sundays, 2 – 8 pm

Established in 2004, Independence Brewing Co. is perhaps one the first microbreweries to go head to head with the behemoth beer corporations who make a bazillion barrels a year, on shiny, automated brewing machines that cost millions of dollars, with astronomical advertising budgets. But founders Rob and Amy Cartwright wanted to make beer they can call their own, and enjoy it with family and friends, and every beer loving Texan out there.


Insider Tip

For the guys of Independence Brewing, the first Saturday of the month is the best Saturday there is. You’ll get to sample their finest craft beers straight from the source. There is a free tour, you can partake in delicious dishes, and rock out to live music.

They sell their wristbands only from 1-3 pm, so better get there early if you’re dying to get your hands on a few.

Independence Brewery


There’s a lot to forward to whenever Independence Brewing holds an event, one of which is their 1st Friday Special. They celebrate each first Friday of the month by holding food parties, fresh beer straight from their tap. There’s live music and a free tour of the brewery. This is also the only day of the month where the special wristband is for sale. You also get to enjoy three beers for just $10. They’ve also held comedy nights and karaoke sing-alongs for a little bit of variety.


The Brews

Austin Amber
American Amber
ABV: 4.9%

Available all year round, Independence Brewing’s American Amber was actually inspired by local theaters in Austin, community spaces where creativity in music, art, film, and independent-minded individuals are celebrated. Austin Amber offers a distinct blend of toasted malt, well-balanced by American hops. It has a laid-back and smooth taste that is best enjoyed with mac and cheese, pulled pork, grilled meat, and Buffalo wings.

Power & Light
Session Pale Ale
ABV: 5.5%

A 2014 Good Food Awards receipient, Power & Light is made with pilsen and pale malts, along with the right amount of cascade hops. It’s a refreshing and crisp rendition of the American pale ale, and was brewed as a very sessionable beer. It has lingering grapefruit hop notes and a crisp, dry finish. Power & Light has grown to become a real favorite among craft beer drinkers all across Texas. Try this American style pale ale with shellfish, cured meats, burgers, Tex-mex dishes, and Thai food.

Independence Brewing3


Stash IPA
India Pale Ale
ABV: 7%

Stash IPA can only be defined by its complex blend of hops. Galaxy hops brings that strong passion fruit and citrus flavor. Summit hops creates dankness and Columbus produces the spicy and earthy notes, while Nugget hops gives the Stash IPA its unique spicy bitterness, making it a truly dank, enlightening, and resinous hop trip. Try this spicy flavors, caramelized onions, Thai and Indian curries, and Mexican food.

Convict Hill Stout
Oatmeal Stout
ABV: 8%

Independence Brewing’s oatmeal stout has won two consecutive Good Food Awards (2012, 2013). This one pours a dark obsidian color with a creamy, thick head.  Its rich and creamy body is brought on by flaked oats that helps hold back the bitter roasted barley taste of this heady and robust ale. Best enjoyed with BBQ, smoked or roasted meats, chili, sweet potatoes, beef stew, chocolate, vanilla ice cream, and pecan pie.

Bootlegger Brown

Brown Ale
ABV: 5.8%
Smooth and chocolatey, this Brown ale was brewed for easy drinking. Bootlegger is made with the finest caramel malts and English chocolate and is more like a brown ale and porter hybrid. It is medium-bodied and was brewed with malt lovers in mind. Try Bootlegger with smoked meats, chocolate, mole, and BBQ.

Independence Brewing3

Seasonal Brews

White Rabbit

White Ale
ABV: 5.9%
Availability: February to April
Care to know how deep the rabbit hole goes? Not with this stupendous white ale you won’t. White Rabbit lays it all out for you, saving you the guesswork.It’s a superb, hazy Belgian-style white ale spiced with coriander and orange zest. It pours a golden yellow haze with a prominent, frothy snow-white head. All you need now is beer braised mussels, grilled chicken, and goat cheese encrusted with panko and thyme.


Berliner Weisse
ABV: 4.5%
Availability: April to August
Berlin wheat beer-inspired Redbud is refreshingly crisp and lemony. It pours a nice hazy yellow color, crowned with a thick, creamy head that lingers for a bit then fizzles out into a thin white lace. Redbud brings a discreet wheat maltiness with a crisp finish. A perfect thirst-quencher for those scorching-hot Texas summers. Try Redbud with some salty, starchy,, and relatively oily foods, rich braised meats, cheeses, and salmon.


Reaper Madness

Black IPA
ABV: 5.1%
Availability: September to January

Roasty malt and mild biscuit flavor create a strong backbone for juicy hop and bold piney flavors with resin notes lingering about. It pours a nice opaque brown color with an inch thick, creamy head. The taste and the nose of Reaper Madness are almost identical, with the roasted malt and slight hop presence. Grab some Indian and Thai curries, bratwurst and peppers, and spicy samosa to bring out the real taste of this Black IPA.


Limited Releases


ABV: 9%

This barleywine was originally brewed in celebration of Independence Brewery’s 10th anniversary, hence the name. Dry hopped and brewed using Columbus and Chinook hops.It came out so good that the Independence Brewery guys just had to brew it again.

Hop Brownie

Brown Ale
ABV: 6.33%

Brewed to satiate your secret stoner cravings, Hop Brownie is made with cry cocoa powder for that riich chocolatey flavor. A batch of high-alpha hops induces a flavor and aroma of that “special” batch of brownies you picked up at some point in your life.