Two things can confidently be said about Justine’s Brasserie: the décor and ambiance are beautiful, and the food is extremely popular. Specializing in French cuisine that’s incredibly Authentic, Justine’s is perfect for an intimate meal with a loved one, or a classy first date.

Redesigning a Traditional Menu

While there is a set menu at Justine’s, the brasserie strives to offers seasonal and local products, which is why there’s a menu that changes daily as well. Examples of some things that have been on the daily menu in the past include a dish featuring lobster, potatoes, leeks, and sea urchin cream; broiled marinated striped sea bass, braised lamb stuffed eggplant; crème brulee; and chocolate chiffon.

The Everyday Choices

In addition to the daily menu that changes, there’s also a fixed menu that patrons can choose from. Fixed menu favorite choices include steak tartare, moules frites, the Royale with cheese (an amazing burger), a cheese plate, green salad, and more.

Opt for Wine

While there are some amazing cocktail options on the menu, as well as some great after dinner drinks, we definitely recommend choosing the wine. The selection is, of course, very French, and features some of the finest reds and whites. With trained sommeliers on staff, feel free to ask for a pairing. With French food as authentic as this, failing to order anything other than wine would be a great insult to the food.

French Service, Too?

While we’d hate to reinforce stereotypes, “snobbish” is often a word that comes to mind when people think of French culture. While we personally don’t think of the French this way, it’s definitely true that French service at a restaurant is quite culturally different that what you may be used to in Texas. With a lot of complaints about the slow service here, you’d think that they’d do something about it. Rather, the “amazing” section of their website actually highlights some of these complaints. Huh. Might be what they’re going for? Either way, the food’s good, so let the poor service slide.

Small Space, Gorgeous Design

Justine’s is very small and simple—just a tiny white house that offers limited seating indoors, with a quaint patio that’s decorated with bulb lights outdoors. The restaurant and bar is cute enough to be classified as cozy rather than crowded, though, and we’d definitely name it as one of the most romantic and intimate places in Austin. Also, the patio is dog friendly as long as Fido is well behaved, making this a great place for dog lovers and their pup.

Always a Crowd Pleaser

…and always a crowd, for Justine’s is always packed. As such, if you’re coming with a large party, make sure you make a reservation in advance. And remember, service will be slow, especially when it’s busy, so order a bottle of wine, and take your time enjoying your night under the stars.