It’s a Blast

There are certain things that bring an uncontrollable grin to anyone’s face.  Shooting a full auto weapon for the first time.  Looking at really attractive people.  And hauling ass in anything with an engine.

These aren’t the sissy-ass go karts at Austin Fun Centers where you lap the whole track with the pedal floored… wishing you had a faster kart.  These karts are capable of speeds up to 45 mph.  And while that may not seem fast going down Burnet Rd. it’s incredibly fast on a slick windy indoor race track.  If you try to make it around the track with it floored, like your typical fun-park kart,  you’ll be eating the plastic barrier at K1.

You May Have Hidden Talent

Some people are naturals at go karting.  In fact many famous NASCAR racers got their start in gokarts like Jeff Gordon, Darrell Waltrip, and Danica Patrick.  So bring the whole family and see who may have some talent.

Go Kart Tips – Secrets to Great Lap Times

Picking the track line

Picking the track line.

So if you go plowing in to the turns at full speed and sliding all over you will definitely get a rush.  But it’s a real buzz-kill when that rush becomes a rush of wind as some guy that brought his own helmet whizzes by you.  Especially when he’s 13 and his helmet has some smart-assed slogan on the back like “Faster Than You”.

So save yourself some embarrassment and pay attention to these tips on being the fastest guy on the track…well at least in the group you came with:

  • Keeping momentum. – In order to get the fastest lap times you’ll need to keep the kart’s momentum up. That means turning and breaking smoothly and not scrubbing speed by sliding or rubbing barriers or other karts. Don’t lean in to the turns.  And listen for the engine sound to tell when you are bogging the kart.
  • Cornering – You want to round off the corners. Think outside-inside-outside.  Start on the outside of your lane. Move to the inside at the apex of the corner, then the outside as you leave the turn.
  • Focus on corner exit speed not corner entry speed  – The speed out of the turn is more important than the speed in.  With corners that require you to slow down, you want to brake early in a straight line then accelerate at the apex and coming out of the turn.  So break early.  Sliding in to the corners or drifting is fun, but it’s actually slower.
  • Sliding and skidding slows the kart – Don’t skid into corners (too much brake) or slide in to the corners (too much speed). When the tires are sliding, you are going slower around the track. Use the brakes smoothly to set the proper entry and mid-corner speed and you’ll get better lap times.
  • Most tracks pick a winner based on fastest single lap time – Think about this when you plan the race.  Sometimes it makes sense to get in the clear…even if it means letting others pass you…and then going for that one killer lap.

These Karts Are All Electric

I have to be honest.  I have really mixed feelings about this.  If you’ve ever raced high-speed gas karts, part of the excitement is the sound.  But if you value the inside of your lungs, or you want to not smell like a mechanic after, then electric also has some advantages.

Since they are all electric there is a little switch that the kartmaster guy can hit that slows all the karts to a crawl when there is any kind of problem on the track.  I HATE the little switch!  I’m sure it’s safer and all that…but it’s a lot like that brake on the instructor’s side in driver’s ed class.


  • Don’t be too short – adults must be at least 4’10”
  • Don’t be too tall – if you’re over 7′ you can’t race. Invite your friends to play basketball instead.
  • Don’t be too fat – 300′ weight limit.  But truth be known light weight is a huge advantage.  So if you are a lineman-type they will let you race, but be prepared to get your ass handed to you by 14 year olds.
  • No open toed shoes
  • Be Sober


Everyone needs a license their first time. The license is $6.  One race of 14 laps is $19.99. Specials are 3 races for $45 on weekdays or 3 races for $50 on weekends. 5 races for $75 or 8 races for $100.


They are open 7 days per week.

  • Monday – Thursday  Noon – 10pm
  • Friday  11am – 11pm
  • Saturday  10am – 11pm
  • Sunday  10am – 8pm

Special Holiday Hours

  • Thanksgiving Day – closed
  • Christmas Eve – 11am – 7pm
  • Christmas Day – 11am – 7pm
  • New Years Eve – 11am – 7pm