La Barbecue is the type of establishment that would be featured in a movie about traveling through Texas. A modest food trailer that’s set on a large lot with plenty of outdoor seating, La Barbecue specializes in slow-roasted goodness that won’t disappoint.

The Fun Stuff

Before we move onto the food, let us tell you why this place stands out more than other BBQ joints in Austin. First of all, they have what they call as BYOB, BYOD, and BYOL policy, which stands for bring your own beer, bring your own dog, and bring your own laptop. While we’re thrilled about the alcohol and dog-friendliness, there’s actually no Wi-Fi here, so maybe leave the laptop at home.  The other thing that’s completely awesome about this place is the fact that there is always live music on Saturdays and Sundays. And here’s the real kicker: on Sundays, there is free beer. As such, between bringing your pooch, getting great meat and beer, and listening to live music, this is the perfect place for a hangout with friends or even a relaxing and fun evening to yourself.

Onto the Meat of It

La Barbecue offers all of the traditional BBQ favorites: brisket, beef rib, pork rib, pulled pork, turkey, and house made sausage. The brisket is smoky and flavorful, and an unbelievably good choice. The ribs in tangy sauce are also a top choice. If you like BBQ sandwiches, the El Sancho sandwich is about as good as it gets for sandwiches, and will leave you so full your stomach hurts. As for sides, we’d go with the pinto beans, which are a favorite here.

Yep, There’s a Line

Like any great BBQ place, there’s always a line here. A long line. Like two hours on a Saturday morning long. But people wait regardless, because if you do, the reward is totally worth it. And make sure you get there early, because line or not, sometimes (most times), they run out of all of the best stuff by 2 PM. Waiting for two hours just to be told they’re out of the pork ribs you’ve been dying to try is enough to make a person well up with tears. At least you get free beer while you wait, though (on the weekends). If you can, go on a weekday rather than the weekend—lines are shorter, and there’s a better chance they’ll have the food you want.

Most Expensive BBQ in Austin?

We’re not sure what the most expensive BBQ place (or food trailer) in Austin is, but this one’s certainly up there. Beef ribs are $20 a pound, bone in, which means you end up paying about $40 a pound for just the meat. If you’re really hungry and want to fill up, you could end up paying 100 bucks for four people, for barbecue. While this price wouldn’t be considered outrageous at many restaurants, the fact that it’s a food trailer without plates to eat on makes it a bit ridiculous. But hey, the meat is some of the best in the state, so it just might be worth it.