If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, an exercise addict who can’t get enough of trails for hiking or running, or a nature lover who enjoys bird watching and wildlife, Lady Bird Lake in Austin may be one of the best things that Austin has to offer you. For a rundown on all that this lake has to offer–and why it’s great for a solo trip, a family outing, or even a date–read on:

The Trails around Lady Bird Lake

The trails around Lady Bird Lake are absolutely perfect, and are designed for anyone. Not only are these trails well-maintained, making them easy to navigate and walk on, but you can also go as far as you want, or keep your outing short and sweet. There are over 10 miles worth of border trails around the lake, and the trails are used by walkers, runner, and cyclists. If you need a serene location to exercise, this is the place.

Love Water Sports? Take a Dip into Lady Bird Lake

If you love the water, exercise, or just having some fun with the kids, you can rent a kayak, a canoe, ┬ásup, or a paddleboat at Lady Bird lake for an afternoon of water fun. In fact, if you’ve been searching for a unique (not to mention very romantic) date idea, why not rent a canoe for two, pack a picnic, and wow the object of your affection with nature and creativity? However, keep in mind that boating in the lake is okay, but swimming is a no-no.

Your Pup Can Come, too

If you’ve been looking for a place to walk Fido in the morning or let him off leash for a bit of exercise, Lady Bird Lake is dog-friendly. With ducks to chase and paddle boats to watch, your pup is going to love the ability to run free and get some fresh air. Plus, since it’s so beautiful, you just found a new place that you’ll enjoy as much as your dog does (the dog park is getting a little boring, isn’t it).

The Scenery Gets You Every Time

Even if you’ve been to Lady Bird Lake a thousand times, it’s hard not to be wowed when you take a look around. The beautiful of this place really is majestic, and with views of the gorgeous skyline, lush scenery, and plenty of wildlife, not much else can beat the relaxing nature of the lake. Located right next to the hustle and bustle of the big city, this is an easy place to escape to for a morning jog or afternoon stroll. You’ve been making excuses about exercising, stop talking, and get outdoors to this lake today.