Not every restaurant in the world can boast its own iPad app that allows customers to place orders from the menu. Lucky Robot Japanese Kitchen is an example of how great the future of Foodies can be by having that very technology!

When you step into Lucky Robot, take a seat in a booth, at a table, or at the sushi bar, you will see rows of iPads. Each one is running an app that lets you see the food ahead of time, get all the information you want on it, then order it – all without ever having to bother a server.

But the service is still excellent. You will get waited on hand and foot, with the servers keeping your glasses full and your wishes fulfilled. Everyone is so conversational and friendly, you’ll feel right at home from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.

The food is so good it simply melts in your mouth. Whether you get one of the sushi rolls (theme after everything from Texas to Austin to Scifi Robots) or something hot from the kitchen, you won’t be disappointed. And the sake is so good, hot or cold, that will give you a smile that just won’t go away.

Overall, one of the best places to go in Austin for a futuristic Japanese experience.