There is one thing everyone who has visited Mount Bonnell can say: The view is AMAZING! You get a fantastic view of the Colorado River, can see the 360 bridge off in the distance, and catch a breathtaking view of the Austin skyline on the other end. From the moment you ascend Mount Bonnell, you’ll have dozens and dozens of photo-ops. There are also several tables to eat at, and there are many places along the trail to sit at. Mount Bonnell is a great place for a picnic or to jut watch the sunset.

A gate is located at the far right side of Mount Bonnell’s parking lot. It’s function is to keep cars from entering one of the paths up the hill. Pedestrians just need to go around the gate, to get on the paths that lead up the the top. There are a lot of stairs going up, bu the grade isn’t too bad. No one should have a hard time getting up to the top.

There are very few places in Austin where one can achieve the level of peace and quiet one can get at the top of Mount Bonnell.