A Homey Neighborhood Cajun Cafe

Don’t expect anything fancy at this one-woman Cajun cafe in the heart of East Austin, but do prepare to leave with a smile on your face. And definitely expect delicious food made with love. Everything Lola does is with love – her focus is on making unforgettable Cajun food, and being good to her customers and to her community.

Delicious Family Recipes

The colorful and quirky atmosphere at Lola’s makes you feel welcome and happy, and the food tastes like family tradition. Nubian Queen Lola’s serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There isn’t a better way to start a morning than with a “Mother’s Cajun Breakfast Rice” or a “Pork Chop Breakfast,” and yes, you can get breakfast tacos here too. You really can’t go wrong with anything you order, as Lola’s selection is limited and everything is made fresh and from the heart.

Tasty Selections

For lunch and dinner the red beans and rice, po-boys, and gumbo come highly recommended, and the fried chicken is something you won’t be able to stop talking about. Speaking of gumbo, Fridays at Nubian Queen Lola’s mean All-You-Can-Eat Gumbo for ten bucks. Daily specials make it easy for you to have a taste of everything you might want, offering combination meals which include one entree and a couple of sides – yams, greens, and cabbage, for example – from the rotating menu. Two things that are notable about Lola’s: it’s closed on Sundays so that Lola, the day’s volunteers, and the restaurant can feed homeless guests. Also, the place is cash only!