Paint Masterpieces with No Experience Required.

You splash on some paint, take a sip, and admire your handiwork. That’s the beauty of Paint Nite. Blending the two pastimes of painting and drinking, Paint Nite is hosted in local bars and pubs as a way to draw patrons in on a slow night . It’s amasterful stroke that creates the unique opportunity for Austinites to both socialize and be creative. Each of the two hour Paint Nite parties are every day with anywhere from 25 to more people in attendance. The step-by-step instructions from one of Paint Nite’s master local artists help the patrons transform their blank canvases into masterpieces.

More Than Just About Painting!

Not just about painting and dirnking, Paint Nite is about giving people access to the artistic process, people who normally don’t consider themselves creative at all. It’s about generating the kind of low stress, fun, non-judgmental environment that draws out the inspiration in its participants. There is no pressure. There is no anxiety of feeling like you might do something “wrong”. Instead, Paint Nite fosters the feelings of a fun night of socializing with one’s friends and of having a relaxing time being creative. For many of Paint Nite patrons, the night will be a unique and memorable experience.

Bring a Friend. Bring a Party!

The greatness beauty of Paint Nite is that you can do it by yourself or with as many friends as you can muster. Want to do a private or corporate event? No problem! Want to have a party night? Again, no problem! All you have to do is contact Paint Nite in advance, and you have treat yourself and all your friends to a night they will never forget!