Phara’s is the kind of place you go to when you want to camp out for the evening. Shop for a bottle of wine in the neighborhood North Loop area (Phara’s is BYOB), and bring your friends over to Phara’s. Phara’s is a Mediterranean restaurant and music venue with a hookah lounge nestled inside. There’s also a spacious patio area outside where you can enjoy your hookah and listen to music, watch belly dancing, and eat and drink.

You can expect an international vibe and great local customer service. The owner herself is one of the featured belly dancers, and the live music acts are from some of Austin’s favorites.  To get a hookah for your group of friends, pick out the shisha (tobacco) that you want, and you will get the pipe, and mouthpieces, for everyone. Sitting with a hookah at Phara’s is a great communal activity  to share with a group of friends, and the lights, sounds, and tastes at Phara’s will provide a backdrop for a night to remember.