Ramen in Japan can be everything from a “fast food” to a highly sophisticated delicacy. Ramen Tatsu-Ya focuses on delivering the best tasting ramen at the most affordable prices.

The ambiance of the place is upbeat, trendy, “cool”. If a ramen shop could be called “hip,” it would be this place. The art they have in the bathroom just looks plain awesome.

All of the ramen is simply stellar. It’s carefully simmered, and regardless of the ingredients, it’s divinely rich, sinfully indulgent and the meat will melt-in-your-mouth. There are a ton of various kinds of delicious add-ons that you can use to dress-up your ramen dish. You can really go crazy with the options.

The service is amazingly friend, but sometimes the line can get crazy long. But that is because Ramen Tasu-Ya is getting to be so popular, it’s getting News attention and everyone is going there to eat! They are small, and they do have community-style seating. While they also have separate tables, the community-style seating does allow you to freely mingle with others, turning Ramen Tatsu-Ya into the perfect hang out for you and your friends.