The Red Shed Tavern is the perfect far South Austin place for those Free Birds out there, bikers and non-bikers alike. It sits on what used to be a highway connecting Austin to its southern neighbor, San Antonio, and because it’s been a bar in one form or another since the 1930’s, it has a history of serving many passing patrons.

Red Shed is totally worth the journey for those that have to trek to get there, and to those folks that live in the area, it’s a well-loved neighborhood bar. Everyone agrees that hanging out at the Red Shed Tavern is a city’s edge retreat from the hustle and bustle of downtown Austin.

Everything about the Red Shed Tavern, the present iteration of this long-standing bar, is friendly. And that includes the prices. Red Shed offers Happy Hour prices 6 days a week and a full day of “Sunday Funday.” Even without Happy Hour, the beers and well drinks are so cheap anyway that it doesn’t really matter! Add to this mix a great juke box, a huge outdoor patio, and a pizza trailer, and you have the perfect place for a weary traveler to kick up his heels.