Located on the intersection of Congress Ave and Second Street, hence the name, Second Kitchen + Bar is the perfect place for a late night indulgence, amazing drinks, a romantic dinner, or even a breakfast brunch. With a classy and modern atmosphere, and food that’s always local and seasonal, you’ll have trouble finding anything to complain about here.

Everything’s Recommended

If you ask the restaurant what it recommends, they’ll answer with one simple and concise word: everything. And for good reason, too, as everything at the restaurant really is good beyond belief. While most of their dishes are served small plate style, you’ll also find some large entrée portions if a large plate full of food is your preference. Either way, guests of Second Kitchen + Bar love the avocado fundido, the black truffle pomme frites, the salmon with jasmine rice, the pork ribs, the buffalo fried pickles, and the black and bleu pizza.

Expensive Eats

The quality of the food is reflected in the price of each dish here, which is fairly high. A salad, for example, costs about $10, large plates start at $14 and range to $27, small plates range from $8 to double that, and most wines are prices between $10 and $12 a glass. It’s also important to note that while each portion is delicious, it’s certainly not heaping, meaning you may end up spending more than you’d like in order to fill up.

Start Your Day with Brunch

Finding a great place for brunch in Austin is the equivalent of finding your favorite brand of shoes being offered at half price—it’s a feeling that can’t be beat by anything. The brunch at Second is amazing, and our favorite items have to be the smoked salmon rillettes, the raw kale and carrot salad, the SBK benedict with tomato and brie, and the Congress burger with gruyere, greens, and horseradish pickles. Like dinner, brunch is pretty pricy. They open at 11 AM for brunch.

Elegant Late Night Eating

While most late night snacks are confined to what can be offered by a food truck or 24-hour diner, this restaurant is open until 2 AM on the weekends, and offers some very elegant eats. Open until midnight the rest of the nights of the week, this is the perfect place for a late night with friends, a romantic date, or just to grab a bite to eat if you work the late shift. The fact that they have an outdoor patio which is just as gorgeous as the inside seating makes the late night snack even that more picturesque.

Cocktail Concoctions

Second Bar + Kitchen is one of those restaurants where people make ordering fancy cocktails look completely casual and suave. As such, even if your normally just stick to beer, we dare to venture out and try one of the magnificent cocktail concoctions here—you’ll fit right in. The London’s Culling, Paloma, and Gin and Jam are amazing.