Stubb’s  is the local capital of live music within the “live music capital of the world.”  Performances at Stubb’s have spanned all genres, and have included some of the biggest names in music to some of the best in local artists. One of the best things about Stubb’s is the giant outdoor live music area – the stage, lighting and sound are the quality of a large venue, but it’s really in the backyard of a restaurant. It’s a huge backyard and there’s plenty of room for crowds – and crowds it does bring! Many of the shows at Stubb’s you can and should buy tickets for in advance.

The restaurant side of Stubb’s has a long history of serving up great BBQ in Austin. You can order from the kitchen until pretty late into the evening every day, and the food is delicious.  Try any number of the Stubb’s smoked meats, made with their own dry rub, and accompanied by the Stubb’s world famous BBQ sauces, and homemade sides – Serrano Cheese Spinach, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Mashed Sweet Potatoes to name a few. The Stubb’s tradition is as equally about the food as it is the music.  

So, for a great night at Stubb’s, get your tickets in advance, show up a little early for some BBQ and brews, and hang tight until the show starts!