Go no further than Sweetish Hill if you are looking for a lovely, picturesque bakery and heavenly baked goods. Located on west 6th st, parking can be a bit of challenge but after ordering a loaf of their preservative free whole wheat bread or a slice of strawberry shortcake, you will find the trouble completely worth it. Offering a variety of high quality cookies, cakes, coffees, soups, and salads made with fresh local ingredients (they even make their own mayonnaise from scratch!) are just a few of the perks one can enjoy.

Their food is so delicious it has caused a war among the animal kingdom; birds lie in wait, ready to swoop down in a moments notice if a single morsel is left unguarded for more than a second. It may be in your best interest to eat inside or get your food to go. Despite their pricey location, Sweetish Hill manages to keep their menu affordable. Lunch specials range from $3 creamy bowls of soup to $7 for sandwiches made with fresh baked flatbreads or baguettes. With such a wide range of menu options, even providing gluten free and vegan choices, you are certain to leave satisfied.