Let’s face it, the food scene is hectic and time-consuming. Being a cook has to be one of the single most stressful jobs in the world. Swift’s Attic is one of those places that can make you really appreciate what a cook will do to make the best food you’ve ever eaten.

This small, slightly upscale restaurant/gastropub is situated above the Elephant Room in Downtown Austin. While it’s geared for the more mature crowd, anyone will love it. Unless you are arriving early in the evening, you will need to have some reservations in order to eat there. The atmosphere is very cozy and intimate, making this a perfect place for a night with someone special.

Swift’s menu is undeniably unique, but that shouldn’t prevent anyone from trying something new. The food choices are simply amazing. For those who are adventurous, they have plates that will challenge and excite your palate. For those seeker tamer fare, there are much less extraordinary dishes. But nothing at Swift’s is boring. Nothing at all.

Not to forget about the music. Unlike some restaurants that play of of Pandora or some other music service, Swift’s is one of the few restaurants in town that takes time in selecting quality music for customers to listen to while eating. High quality music that will help you relax, enjoy and digest your meal, not get you indigestion.