Austin, Texas offers wonderful opportunities for locals and visitors to savor the many delicate dishes that the Chinese cuisine has to offer. For good Chinese in Austin, check out Szechuan House.

Chinese Outside of Chinatown

One has to keep in mind that Szechuan House in Austin Texas is nowhere near Chinatown, but the food is pretty affordable and great tasting all the same. The restaurant is well known to offer delicious Chinese chicken delicacies that have touches of Szechuan spice that gives the food some heat. The restaurant offers a wide range of Chinese chicken foods that are served with many things, such as vegetables. The restaurant also offers sweet and sour chicken, perfect for kids if you want to bring your children. One can also order the teriyaki chicken as an appetizer, which is served on sticks. The dish has added pineapple and egg rolls to the side, and they completely complements the dish.

Great for Groups

One can also visit the hotel with a group of friends or workmates and order the Chicken Chow Mein, which is served in a crock pot for the group to enjoy together. Make sure you don’t forget about the chicken chow noodles that are added on the top–they’re the best part! The restaurant also offers an amazing desert that goes with the chicken chow. The dessert is noodles that are mixed with white chocolate. It may sound strange, but it’s really good.

Crazy for Chicken

The restaurant also offers some spicier dishes to fans of spicy food such as the Kung Po chicken, which is served with peanuts or the people’s favorite, Szechuan chicken that is served with chestnuts and sprouts. The hotel also offers the famous general Tso’s chicken. People have also been going for the Sesame chicken dish which has grown in popularity thanks to the high professionalism that is involved in the making of the dish.

Lots of Asian Flavor

The restaurant also offers the exceptional “ceviche mix to,” which is very well known in the Chinese community thanks to its fusion with other dishes. It should be noted that the Szechuan House in Austin is widely known for the wide range of cuisines that are not only Chinese but Japanese as well. Also, the restaurant is know for serving up a variety of foods, ranging from a wide use of seafood and meats to plenty of vegetarian and even vegan options.

Exciting Ambiance

The restaurant offers both hospitality and comfort to the customers thanks to the recent refurbishments that have been carried out recently. It offers an exciting ambiance while not foregoing a trendy atmosphere, thanks to the interior design and the floors that make this restaurant a must-visit.  The staff is also very professional. Also, the wine list is superb, offering some for of the best bottles in the world.