Buffets Can Be Top Quality Too

Taj Indian Palace is as much known for its amazing Indian food as the fact that you have the option to eat from the buffet at lunch and at dinner.The dishes at Taj Indian Palace are full of flavors to tantalize every area of your palate, and to satisfy all of your Indian food cravings. And there is not a lack of choice. From curries to tandoori to biryani, there is so much to choose from.

Tasty and Sophisticated

Taj Indian Palace offers delicious choices in a truly elegant setting, and eating there is a whole experience. You get a sampling of a variety of tastes while being served by a most cordial staff, and surrounded by a decorative ambiance that exudes Indian influence. And there is just as much to choose from for vegetarians as there is for meat eaters.

Meals to Make an Evening

The husband and wife team at Taj Palace want everything about your eating experience to feel authentic, and the staff takes measures every step of the way. Taj Indian Palace has been in business for a whole generation and will really sweep you away. Even with a buffet the service is that of a five-star restaurant, and you’ll want to keep coming back for those more intimate occasions.