Family-Perfected Recipes

At Tamale House East you will delight in an eclectic and delicious Mexican food experience for such a low price that it will shock a good way! Tamale House East is operated by five siblings and is part of a family tradition that has been ongoing since 1959. Since that time some version of a Tamale House has existed in several Austin locations, each one run by different family members, and all of them making Austin Mexican food lovers very happy. And now half a century later we have Tamale House East, and a plethora of mouth-watering, stomach-pleasing tacos, tamales, mole, and more.

Cute, Quirky, Delicious

When you dine at Tamale House East, you will walk through a beautiful Spanish style house nestled under the trees, and choose from plenty of seating. You can find a little nook somewhere near the fountain outside or inside the large dining room. Tacos are served in single serve paper trays and wrapped in butcher paper, and unwrapping your taco is so exciting it will make your whole day.

Breakfast or Lunch for Dollars

Tamale House East offers some of the best breakfast tacos in town, as well as a perfect cup of coffee. They are constantly improving their vegetarian and vegan menu. After lunch at Tamale House East, you can try some homemade flan or a Mexican Iced Coffee. For under $2 per taco for many of their items, it’s quite a steal, and will leave you hungry for more. Get there early because they close after 3:00pm.