There’s hardly any food in the entire world that’s more flavorful than Indian food. With flavors ranging from sweet and savory, salty to spicy, Indian food can be the perfect solution to pleasing nearly everyone’s palate. With soups and rice dishes, curries and saags, Tarka Indian Kitchen in Austin is a great go-to for those who are craving this delicious cuisine.

Start Your Meal Right

Indian food is meant to be eaten with multiple dishes, in our option, rather than just limiting yourself to one flavor. As such, we recommend starting with the mulligatawny soup (with veggies, lentils, curry, chicken, lemon juice, and coconut milk), the samosa chaat, or the chicken pakoras. Of course, make sure you request some naan for your table as well.

Great Gluten-Free and Vegan Options

Tarka Indian Kitchen has made a commitment to providing food to people of all dietary needs, and that’s why you’ll find plenty of gluten-free and vegan-friendly options on the menu. The madras soup is an amazing vegan and gluten-free starter; the vindaloo is spicy upon request, served with basmati rice, and perfect for gluten-free eaters; and the Tarka daal is an amazing vegan option that has yellow lentils, Indian spices, onions, tomatoes, cumin, and crushed coriander. In fact, there’s an entire gluten-free menu, and vegan options are marked accordingly throughout.

The Curry House

The curry house of the restaurant is amazing, and doesn’t actually refer to another physical part of the restaurant, just a separate section of the menu. If you like curry, this is the place to go. All curries are served with basmati rice, add after choosing your type of curry, you then get to add your choice of fresh ingredient(s). Ingredient choices are chicken, lamb, shrimp, vegetables, or paneer. As for the curries themselves, the tikki masala is amazing, the korma is a rich cashew-almond-pistachio cream sauce that’s to die for, and the coconut curry and vindaloo are both classic favorites.

Even Your Kids Will Love it

Tarka Indian has made an effort to create a kids’ friendly menu that’s mild in flavor and easy for the little ones to handle. Kids’ options include a tikki masala curry bowl, biryani rice bowl, kabob bowl, and chicken pakoras (Indian style chicken fingers).

It’s All Under $10

Another great thing about this restaurant that definitely deserves mentioning is the fact that every single menu item is priced under $10, which makes it perfect for feeding your whole family or really going crazy and ordering a bunch of different things.

Outdoor Seating Available

If you love eating outdoors, there’s a patio at Tarka that you’re welcome to occupy. While it’s not the most picturesque setting in the world, it does provide some fresh air. Because Tarka can get packed, make sure to show up early, plan to wait, and exercise some patience in being seated.