If you have an affinity for animals and the outdoors, as well as exploration and adventure, what better way is there to discover Austin than via horseback? That’s right, Texas Trail Rides’ Circle C Ranch in Austin provides provides rides for all those who are interested.

Types of Rides to Choose From

Those who want to ride have a few riding options that they can choose from, including ranch trail rides, sunset and romantic rides, vineyard rides, and birthday party rides. While all rides differ a bit in purpose, all rides are privately guided, and are considered “open-range” rides, which means that you don’t have to follow in a line horse-to-horse; instead, you can ride more openly and freely. Additionally, all of the horse are safe for rides of all ability levels and ages, and a training will occur beforehand.

A Beautiful & Breathtaking Outdoor Experience

There are over 900 acres of riding area owned provided by Texas Trail Rides, with creeks, bluffs, and open fields adorning the space. Look over the buildings of downtown Austin, or simply turn from the hustle and bustle of the city to (figuratively) lose yourself in the beauty of nature.

Your Excuse to Do Something Romantic

If you need to spice up your love life, tell your darling you’re crazy about him or her, or even propose, a sunset and romantic ride provide by Texas Trail Rides is just the ticket. A private ride for two followed by a glass of champagne or a picnic is sure to impress, and may be one of the most romantic and enjoyable things you ever do. A vineyard ride is also a very romantic gesture, and offers a very picturesque setting.

Cost and Hours

The cost of a horseback ride varies depending upon the type of ride you opt for. But, the two most commonly booked rides are the Ranch Trail Ride–which is perfect for those who are new to Austin and want to get a feel of the land–is $125 per person, requires a minimum of two people to book, and will last for at least an hour and a half. The other most common ride booked is the family trail ride, which will take you through Texas hill country. The cost of this ride is $95 per person, and also requires a minimum of two people to book.

For the Buckaroos

If you have a child who loves animals or could use a little affection from an animal in his or her life, Texas Trail Rides can help. Texas Trails Rides provides many opportunities for kids and horses to interact together, including summer camps, riding lessons, and more. Plus, with miniature horses that are perfectly kid-sized, a petting zoo, and even baby animals, this ranch is a great place for kids to learn about the wonders of life and the comforts that animals can provide.