The clever name of this food cart and German establishment is right on par: the really do have one of the best (brat)wursts in all of Austin. If you love German and you love food trailers, then look no further than this aptly named set-up.

Which Wurst?

There are only four options on this menu, meaning that it shouldn’t be too difficult to make your selection. Your choices are: the bratwurst, which is a German-style pork sausage that the Best Wurst has double-ground with nutmeg and pepper; the smoked Italian, which is similar to the New York sausage, only with cayenne and fennel too; the smoked jalapeƱo, which is a pork and beef style hotdog that’s spicy and hot; and the all beef dog, which is, well, exactly that–all beef. Regardless of your dog of choice, each one comes served with all the good fixings, including curry ketchup, grilled onions, spicy mustard, and sauerkraut.

Eat Cheap, Be Full

Something that everyone loves about this food truck is the fact that a hotdog is $4.50, no matter which one you choose. While $4.50 might seem a bit expensive for a hotdog, these aren’t your normal baseball stadium eats. Instead, these are big, juicy, flavorful, and provide exactly the level of substance that you need. Unlike other food trucks where you might pay $8 for an order of fries that leave you hungry, the dogs here will fill you up, and not cost a fortune all at the same time

Great for Late Night Snacking

If you’re a person who’s constantly out on the town during the latest hours of the evening (or earliest hours of the morning), you may love the thrill that comes with finding a new late-night food place. Well, The Best Wurst is it. Open from 7:00 PM to 3:00 AM from Wednesday to Saturday (Sunday morning), be prepared for a bit of a wait if you head to the food cart around midnight.

An Austin Favorite

A lot of people go here, and and everyone who does loves it. In fact, nearly every review of The Best Wurst is a proclamation of how the hotdogs are The Best Wurst are “the best that I’ve ever eaten!” Really, it’s that good. If you like hotdogs, we dare you to find a better hotdog establishment in Austin.

Some Tips for Eating

If you go here, here are a few tips for eating your hotdog:

  • Wear a shirt you don’t care about. Toppings spill, hotdog juice squirts. It gets messy.
  • Go for the curry ketchup. Even if you don’t like curry, this ketchup is fabulous.
  • Have no shame. Everyone’s doing it, everyone looks like a brute shoving a hotdog in their face. Get over it.
  • Throw your napkin away, don’t leave it in your car. If you don’t, you’ll never rid your seats of the smell of sauerkraut and brat.
  • Enjoy!

Whether you go alone or go with a group, you’ll love the offerings at The Best Wurst!