Every karaoke joint in Austin has it’s own flavor, but they all have the common interest in providing you with an outlet for that beloved art of karaoke singing. This sports bar and grill got the distinguishing title as well, and it’s been keeping folks entertained under the name since the 70’s. With public and private karaoke available every day, The Common Interest has established itself as one of Austin’s best places to show your true colors on stage with a mic in your hand.

You could say that The Common Interest is routine-oriented. It’s open every day of the week with a happy hour until 8:00pm (also every day), but even if you miss happy hour the drinks are always reasonable.┬áThe public karaoke doesn’t commence until after happy hour is over, but there are private rooms available at all times during their operating hours. And there are predictably nice people there – both staff and patrons – which creates the feel of a home away from home.

Need to settle your nerves first? Eat something! The food is quite tasty. Need liquid courage? Try a jello shot. If you want a place defined by friendly patrons, attentive staff, and songs you know and love, The Common Interest is a go-to karaoke bar in Austin.