The Mohawk is known for quality rock shows which are diverse yet artfully selected. The list of performers at the Mohawk has included celebrated indie and hard rock favorites as well as up-and-coming and lesser known bands.

The Mohawk is one of the classic downtown Austin multi-level venues with several areas to party. There are the inside bar and stage areas, and a little trip up the staircase brings you to the second floor patio, with its adjacent bar and great view from the edge of downtown. The Mohawk’s wild side comes out – during the mosh pits, for example – but the place exudes a certain amount of quality control at all times, contributing to its ongoing esteem within the rock music community.

The bar offers great beers on tap and specialty cocktails, and an “everybody knows your name” kind of atmosphere. There’s usually an affordable cover charge (under $10) for shows but you feel like you are supporting a great cause when you pay it. On a busy night at The Mohawk you will see fans lined up around the corner, and on a casual night you will be having a drink with friends and stumble upon something fantastic.