If you didn’t know it, but only tasted it, you’d never guess that food from The Peached Tortilla was prepared in a food truck. Rather, the intense flavor, artful decoration, and modern American theme might leave you feeling as though you were eating food prepared at a fine restaurant. That being said, read on for all you need to know about The Peached Tortilla:

Street Food Menu

The Peached Tortilla specializes in tacos, burgers, burritos, sliders, bowls, and brunch. Open from 11 AM to 2 PM, this is certainly more of a brunch or lunch place, so don’t count on them for dinner. That being said, our favorite items are the BBQ brisket tacos; the Chinese BBQ tofu tacos; the Japajam burger with sweet tomato jam, jalapeno jack cheese, jalapeno BBQ sauce, and tempura battered onion strings; the Banh Mi burrito with Vietnamese braised pork belly, picked carrot, sriracha mayo, and cilantro lime rice; the Pad Thai chicken bowl; and the brisket grilled cheese. For sides, the bacon jam fries are amazing, as are the sweet potato fries served with dipping sauce.

The Price You’ll Pay

The Peached Tortilla isn’t the cheapest food truck in Austin, but it’s certainly not the priciest, and beats the cost of a restaurant any day. A bowl is about $7, and while the portions are not gigantic, they’re filling enough to satisfy, and incredibly tasty.

Adorable Outdoor Seating

Just as cute as the name of the restaurant, and just as beautiful as its culinary creations, the outdoor seating area is top-notch at The Peached Tortilla. Picnic tables are set up for diners to utilize, with large red umbrellas to shade people from the sun. When it’s chilly, there are outdoor heaters to keep everyone warm and cozy.

Credit, Catering, and More

While some food trucks in the state only accept cash, The Peached Tortilla will gladly accept credit. What’s more, if you’re looking for an interesting way to serve food at your next event, party, or even a wedding, The Peached Tortilla will gladly cater just about any event. They have a specific catering menu that you can choose from, or you can opt for their lunch boxes, which are perfect for business lunches or employee meetings. Plus, you can order online!

Another cool thing about this food truck that we should mention is that while they’re only open from 11 AM to 2 PM Tuesday through Thursday, on Friday and Saturday they extent their hours by opening up again at 7 PM to 3 AM, making for the perfect place for late night eating or dinner. On Mondays and Sundays, the Peached Tortilla is closed.

Truck Locations

If everything you’ve heard about the Peached Tortilla sounds fabulous, then make sure you check out their website for truck locations. With two trucks that move around depending upon the day, you don’t want to miss them.