In an area that is thick with bars and debauchery, the White Horse stands out by being defined by music first and ruckus second. The White Horse Honky Tonk hosts a diverse crowd every night of the week for the band of the night. You’ll find country, rockabilly, raw rock and roll, and more. Most of the shows are free, and all of them embrace all that is good about the different instruments that have defined grassroots music for so long.

Weekends are known for getting crowded and since there is live music every single night of the week, you won’t regret holding off and trying it out on a week night. There’s always lots of dancing and plenty of people-watching from inside, or from the back patio where you can also eat from the resident taco trailer. And at The White Horse there is even whiskey on tap, among other libations.

It’s a great place to get to by bike or on foot, and even if you ride your horse there, you won’t be totally out of place because other people do the same. Put on your best duds and head to the White Horse for a real honky tonk good time.