All the hype you’ve heard about Uchi is true—it really some of the best sushi in all of Texas. With some of the most succulent pieces of raw fish in Austin, Uchi is a restaurant that shouldn’t be missed.

Daily Changing Menu

The menu changes daily at Uchi, and there’s a reason for it—fresh seafood is flown in daily from a market it Tokyo, and other ingredients are purchased from the local farmers’ market, so everything’s fresh and entirely seasonal. As such, you’ll never have anything that’s old at Uchi. What’s more, Uchi only purchases seafood that comes from a responsible and sustainable source, and strive to be environmentally responsible whenever possible.

The Chef’s Tasting Menu

The Chef’s Tasting Menu at Uchi is one of the best things to get, and for $95 dollars, feeds two people. The menu includes about twelve different dishes, and is a wonderful (and more affordable way) to explore the whole menu and sample some of the best dishes.

You’ll Need a Reservation

This is a top-quality restaurant, and as such, it’s always packed with people who are dying to try it out for the first time and regulars. As such, you will certainly need a reservation, and if you are going on a weekend, good luck getting in on short notice.

Fabulous Service

You’re paying for more than just the food at this restaurants; the service is top notch as well. You waitress or waiter will make sure that you’re well taken care of, your dishes will come out in a timely manner, suggestions will be made upon your request, and everyone will go out of their way to make sure that you’re comfortable.

Amazing Dishes

If you don’t opt for the Chef’s Tasting Menu and decide to choose from the menu on your own, here are some top recommendation that are adored by those who have been to this restaurant: the crudo, which is fresh and full of delicious garlic; the Hamachi nabe, which has rice, tuna, and egg, and is served hot; the saba shio, which is mackerel cooked in sauce with cucumbers; the spider roll, which is a favorite at almost every sushi restaurant, but is especially good here with the warm sauce and the Thai basil; and the fois gras sushi, which is hands down amazing.

Parking, Attire, and More

For parking, there is a private lot, but as the restaurant is nearly always full, you may want to opt for the valet service instead. As for what you should wear, it’s fancy, so business casual or dressy is appropriate, but no sneakers or torn jeans, please. Also, make sure to leave your kids at home as there aren’t any kid friendly menu options, and as other restaurant patrons might not appreciate them as much as you do.